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Scarves: 36"x36" Squares
The perfect scarf!
100% cotton voile.
Amazingly soft, this lightweight, handmade scarf is easy to put on, breathable (never hot!) and non-slipping.

There's nothing
quite like it!

Click on the swatches to see larger images, prices,
and availability.


White Rambling Rose Pink Paisley Saffron India
Rose Mosaic Apricot Blossom Vintage Roses
Fire Water Carnations Ginny
Red Cloves Gentle Bouquet Colored Sands
Orange Dot Tribal Stripe 50s Natural
Chinese Vase Orchids Pink Popcorn
Summer Nightingale Twilight Rose Autumn Garden
Sea Flower Orange Vase Burgundy Fan Flower
Rust Garden Maroon Medallions Raspberry Sea Flower
Rose Palace Scattered Flowers Violet Cypress
Coral Flame Tree India Blue Paisley
Antique Cypress Indigo Stencil Flower Aqua Garden
Ocean Water Turquoise Bridal Wreath Denim Lilies
Blue Mosaic Lavender Dogwood Juniper Lilies
Blue Parrot Retro Butterflies Paisley Floral Green
Oleander Moonlit Garden Tree Of Life
Bramble White Catherine Bramble Blue
Beach Glass Bitsy Blue Blueberry Hill
Peacock Night Teal Floral Purple Stripe
Indigo Green Lotus Paisley Floral Purple Summer Wildflowers
Meryl Blue Roses Green Phoenix
Bendy Straws Magnolia Water flower
Modern Floral Indigo Giraffe Jewel Flower
Winter Berry Ikat Ancient Floral
Botanical Blue Botanical Lime Cornflower Lace
Denim Paisley Desert Zigzag Filigree
Porcelain Blue Sky Palace Snowdrops
Starry Sky Swedish Garden Green Blue Flame Tree
Tulip Stripe Fall Flowers Double Paisley
Sun Stamp Tan Trellis Basketweave
Intrigue Gray Spades Sprig
Guinea Hen Taupe Mosaic Black and Tan Shadows
Rust Lotus Khaki Tapestry Sparklers
Graphite Floral Goldenrod Goldenrod Stripe
Ironwork Iron Cypress Ancient Tapestry
Autumn Wildflowers Black White
Khaki Natural Head Scarf Tying Guide